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Argentine ranches could not have been conceived without horses. Gauchos and gentlemen are expert horsemen in our country. Visitors to any ranch in Argentina will be immediately amazed by the equestrian activities and the unbelievable possibilities they provide to experience the wide landscape of Patagonia from a unique point of view.

San Huberto Lodge and our ranch offer horse riding excursions, from half day tours to 2 days with camping in the countryside. These offerings allow our guests to experience the real flavor of one of the most traditional activities of the rural lifestyle of Patagonia.

Horse riding allows people to access remote sections of our rough topography often inaccessible by car, so the experience and views they get are simply unique. On the other hand, some physical effort is needed, as one must stay steady on the saddle, follow the horse’s moves and keep to the trails of paths for cattle management.

Our expert guides will customize the itinerary according to physical conditions, preferences and skills of each participant, in order to ensure a wonderful experience for everyone.

Although the most desirable birds to be checked off of the pro bird watchers’ lists are extremely rare in our area (a.e. rallus antarcticus or Austral Rail), there is a wonderful variety of species easy to observe and study their behaviors, nesting and habitat. These provide a great opportunity for those in search of learning a bit more from our ecosystem and mother nature herself. Over a hundred bird species can be observed around San Huberto, resulting from its location in a transition area between biomes. Additionally, several endangered species can be found, like the Spectacled Duck and the Torrent Duck, with nesting and living habitats through the Malleo river rapids.

Not only experts but also (and mostly) beginners, find in this special activity a great way to connect with nature. Even children find in this option a wonderful way to enjoy and access the outdoor world in Patagonia. Finding a big owl asleep in a tree, spying the upper nests of the eagles in the rocks, or watching a majestic condor flying over our heads are marvelous experiences for adults and children alike.

Little gear and physical ability are required. Just comfortable clothing and a good pair of binoculars!

Although there are great options for professional level off-road journeys, San Huberto Lodge encourages guests who would like to experience some less intensive options to schedule 4x4 half day or full day trip throughout our wonderful countryside.

For children and adults, families or individual detours, the journey does not require physical exertion beyond getting out of the truck for some time to take a photo or walk around. Any chance to visit places which cannot be easily reached are worth a visit!

We strive to ensure our guest are accommodated with the activities they are searching for. That’s why we have developed a strong network of tourist suppliers and specialized professionals in different fields, such as bird watching, horseback riding, trekking, a relaxed shopping tour, golf, spa time, off road journeys, wine tasting, cooking sessions and many other activities.

Our goal is to help guests have the best experience in their own way and take advantage of the many opportunities the natural and cultural resources offer in our wonderful surroundings. Let us know your wishes and we will be glad to make them happen.


Located a 30 minute drive from San Huberto Lodge is Lanín National Park visitor’s center, our neighbor to the west and one of the largest protected areas in our country. The nearest section to our lodge is called “Tromen area” due to the presence of the lake of the same name. Not only is this area wonderful for trout fishing, but also serves as a well-known starting point for two great treks: the climbing of the Lanín Volcano (a difficult ascent requiring a guide and two full days to reach the top and return) and a peaceful and relaxing soft trekking just to the base of the grand mountain.

The trail leads into a wild forest of the typical Nothofagus, bamboos, berry bushes and many native flower plants which, depending on the time of the season, offer spectacularly colorful sights. This is especially true in late spring, when the native astromelias (Amancay) cover the land with a bright orange carpet. This is the land of the giant woodpecker, that courious red headed bird that Looney Toons has immortalized in its cartoons. They are accustomed to trekkers and with some patience and a bit of silence they often pay hikers a visit.

The trail is rarely if ever crowded, offering a truly exceptional experience. Other birds can appear, including the bustling Andean parrot, the dwarf woodpecker and many more. After around 60 minutes walking (depending on the pace of the hikers), the forest opens up to a plateau of volcanic sand, with the majestic view of the foot of the Volcano. Walking only a few more meters allows for the enjoyment of incredible view of the Malleo River’s whole and wide valley.

After taking time to admire the 360 degree view, the return journey takes about 30 to 40 minutes. If time allows, the option exists to have a nice glass of sparkling wine on the Tromen lake coast among the centennial natural Andean forest… Cheers !!!

Santiago del Estero is wellknown for its hot summers and warm and gentle winters. This is why our spa and outdoor pool facilities are all year round open and available for our guests.

The swimming pool´s endless edge, facing the natural chaco forest, provides a special atmosphere and a relaxing view, while the indoor premises including a jacuzzi, a massage cabin and a sauna, are ideal for a relax after a whole hunting journey. 

For non hunters, we have developped a special schedule with beauty and relaxing steps´ treatment. However, these options are available upon advanced request.   

San Miguel de Tucuman, a simple and almost discrete city... the capital of the province was the land of Argentina´s independence in 1816. This city along with its territory grew up thanks to the strong will of its inhabitants. Tucumán has got some special & distinctive flavour that makes it different from the rest of our northern provinces. Tucumanos feel pride of their prominence in the argentine history of Independence. 

In fact, one of the most important city attractions is the House of Independence, that which hosted the Congress on the 09th of July 1816. Argentines honour this site as the cradle of National freedom and own determination. The building boasts original documents, stylish furniture and traditional arquitecture. Starting from this point, a number of buildings (most of them churches) evoque the sober character of its society. The Scred Art Museum itself is a jewel to visit in the morning.

The "9 de Julio Park" with its spacious gardens and exhuberant vegetation, as the mail heart of the city, brings a detailed assortment of the typical flora of our northwest. The park boasts a peculiar and very interesting museum to visit: the Sugar Industry Museum. It was reopen to the public in 2014 after a well planned restoration of the building (one of the oldest in the city) and the collection itself. 

The very best end of a city tour is definetely roam around the artisan and regional goods{  shops or ateliers. The musts may be the sweets made of sugar cane (ask for "cocheritos", "colaciones", "alfeñiques" and "turrones". Another specialty is the "cayote empanada" a sweet delicatesse typical of our north.

A special word about textiles: Tucuman still produces some traditional textile pieces called "randas", real pieces of art warped with finest cotton thread, while beautiful coloured embroideries brought from Tafi del Valle can be purchased in several good shops.



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