Located a 30 minute drive from San Huberto, within the Lanin National Park territory, Tromen is the nearest lake to the lodge. In fact, our 10 thousand hectare ranch abuts this protected area. 

Along with the Malleo river, Tromen Lake is one of our prefered environments for fishing. Its peculiar hand-like shape differs completely from the rest of the lakes in the area. This unique structure results in quiet bays and secluded corners where anglers of all abilities will be delighted with the quality of fishing.

With the Lanin Volcano as an ever-present backdrop, vast vertical basalt walls and a pristine sorrounding forest we are always excited to share this beautiful location with our anglers.

The temperature and clarity of Lake Tromen's waters offer wonderful conditions for brook trout, as well as rainbow and brown. At points, land-locked salmon may be caughed, but this is not typical.

Safaris & Dove Outfitters, our fishing and hunting company, encourages fishermen to try sight fishing here, instead of trolling. Sight fishing will surely enrich your fishing experience as well as produce less impact on the enviornment. 

Safaris Outfitters does not encourage trolling modalities but strictly sight fishing. Of course it is not easier, but it is way more exciting and far a more sustainable fishing method. The

Pictures speak themselves about the experience: amazing scenery, great opportunities for photography and pristine corners everywhere for big, big fish.

Our fishing guide will pick you up for a first 30-minute drive in a 4-wheel drive pick up, to the lake. The fishing journey continues on motor boat throughout the lake, in search of the best corners and hatches of the day, depending on climate conditions (mostly winds) and time of the year. Our guests usually have their own fishing gear. However, if you need and assistance on this issue, most of the items can be rented, upon previous request. 

Your guide will be also ready to lend some of the most effective flies if you don´t have some. Most guides tie their own flies so each one consist of a tiny piece of art itself. For this and for many other reasons, your gratuitues will be always welcome, as tying materials are considerably expensive. 

Patagonia boasts a carefully and well tested Sport Fishing Regulation since more than 30 years, which involves the purchase of a fihsing license, which has been homologated by the 5 provinces (states) of the region: Neuquen, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. If you plan to fish for a long period in the area, you may consider to get a long term validity license (seasonal) instead of partial weekly permits. This regulation is available on the web as a PDF file in both english and spanish! It also includes specifications for most of the environments.  



Well equipped ultimate generation motor boats will let us roam around every branch of this beautiful andean lake. Our vessels are all registered and certified by the authority, as well as the guides who will manage the excursions. This means professionalism and security for yourself and your fishing mates. 


A relaxing, idyllic atmosphere to enjoy with family and friends, just a stone’s throw from the banks of the Malleo River.

We offer elegant lodging and first class services and amenities, allowing you to enjoy the wonder and beauty Patagonia has to give.

Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge


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